How To Arm Yourself With Extra Skill – What To Choose

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Today, any studies we do are all targeted at nailing the perfect job. But sometimes, there are other, extra things that we can learn that have no direct bearing on our dream job, but will stand out to you and potential employer as a useful skill to have. Read on for some suggestions on those ‘extras’ you can add to yourself:

Learn How to Save a Life

This is one of the most paramount life skills you can have. If you’re not a doctor or nurse, chances are, you wouldn’t know the first thing to do when and if someone passes out in front of you and starts frothing at the mouth. Or having a heart attack. Luckily for everyone, ambulances can get to you at a phone call but till they arrive there are things you can do to ease the patient and maybe even save them from the danger zone. This is where the first aid course comes in handy.

Organizations like St. John’s Ambulance, the Red Cross and your local nursing school or hospital will have a stellar first aid course you can attend. The next time someone faints, you’ll know more than sprinkling water in their face.

Learn How to Survive in a Disaster

With global warming comes an increased risk of natural disasters. That’s why there are survival courses out there for people who want to do so. For the urban dwellers, there are urban survival courses that tell you where to get water if the pipes are busted; where to find food apart from looting the supermarket; and how to make drinking water safe. There are also wilderness survival courses that show how out of touch we are with our natural roots. These courses will take you on a trek in a jungle and teach you the best places to sleep at night; which fruits are poisonous and how to find it; how to make a fire and how to put it out safely etc. Visit this link for more details if you are looking for drinking water fountains for sale.

Learning How to Drive

Sure everyone gets their driving license so that they can be independent of their parents. But how many of you can drive a stick- shift? How many of you can drive a motorcycle? Ride a bicycle? Learning to drive an automatic transmission car isn’t the end of the road. Learn to drive as many different vehicles as you can, even if you don’t necessarily get the license for it. You never know when you will need to take over a friend’s wheel because they have had a heart attack and you have to drive them to hospital.

Learn to Be Domestic

This means knowing how to clean a house, cook some basic dishes, and how to sew (among other things). Like the Facebook meme says, you don’t need to be a woman to know how to cook; men get hungry too. Cleaning is easy, just go down to the supermarket and browse the aisles for cleaning products. Depending on what you want to clean (floors, bathroom, walls, appliances etc.) the labels on the cleaning products will tell you exactly how to use each of it. As for cooking, there are recipes on the internet and how-to guides to clean and prep the ingredients. After a few tries, you’ll be a total pro at whipping up some easy dishes. It’s also cheaper and healthier than takeout. Sewing takes more practice so the best thing is to enrol in a short course. Learn to sew a seam and a buttonhole.